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I get lost, I wander. I find, I discover. I’m a Northern Wanderer, documenting my journeys as I continue my crash course through life.

I needed a pseudonym. When I was first asked about creating one I had a blinding headache. The best I could come up with were silly things like ‘London’… ‘London Girl’ and the like. All absolutely dreadful, and my thought process stopped shortly after I realised I was just mixing up the words from the suggestion I was given: “An American Lady in London”. Though, yes, technically I am American – in the sense that Canada lies within the borders of North America – the technicality didn’t sit well with me. The most concrete suggestion my fuzzed, jolting brain could come up with then was “A Canadian in London”. Like the look everyone tends to give me when I tell them where I’m from, I’m sure this pseudonym would have left people with a dull glaze over their eyes as they try to work out why exactly it sounds so very unimpressive.

Headache over (phew), my brain knocks on a brilliant idea that, effectively, it stole. At least it’s from my Dad and not some other widely successful persons.

Though it has been sold now for quite some time, my family used to own a boat. I suggested the name Wanderer, it was taken, of course, and thus said boat’s name became Northern Wanderer. I have so many epic memories from when we traversed the seas (okay, the Caribbean) on the Northern Wanderer that it seems only fitting to create a travel blog dedicated to her.

Hence, a Northern Wanderer (this time, me!)

As of writing this post I currently work for a travel site for London (called TripTide London – I also manage its social media, so pardon the self-promotion on this self-promoting post). I also write content for it, and getting into the habit of writing about my travels and where I have gone invigorated me to begin this. I’m hosting it on Dark Sentences because, well, Dark Sentences is my baby, and I don’t think I’ll ever give up the dream I have for it (that, and it has a kick-ass theme).

Join me, or just let this be a diary for myself by myself, as I travel the world and discover its secrets.

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