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[infobox title=’The Dark Sentences Project’] The Dark Sentences project is an experiment in self-publishing, in turning a personal blog into a hub of activity ranging from fiction, news, commentaries, and critiques. Working in conjunction with Kozzi Images, Dark Sentences stands on the forefront of a new means of blogging and you are welcome to be a part of it![/infobox]


A Little About Me

My name is Cassandra Kosmayer, I’m currently in my final year of University, and am nowhere near emotionally prepared for the big wide world, the reality all kids inevitably grow into. It’s really just that figurative Giant at the end of the beanstalk, if you think about it. Every child wants to grow up and finally, finally have the ability to make their own decisions, and they climb it non the wiser. Then Wham! Boom! Huzzah! you’ve finally made it and oh, silly you, you just have strangers telling you what to do and suddenly there’s these things called bills and rent and the terrifying concept of being broke. Not fun. But c’est la vie (and I think everyone secretly ends up bored of being a kid).

A Few Things to Know about Dark Sentences

Dark Sentences is a project based on New Media; the idea is essentially that personal websites can exist as their own channels, their own hub of entertainment rather than just as an online place to rant about your housemates and the awful, awful things that befall you. Like online magazines, or newspapers, Dark Sentences stands at the forefront of self-publishing.
All of the novels hosted on Dark Sentences are written, edited, and marketed by myself. This includes the media, from the book covers, to banners, to any videos or audio that are associated with them. Online, available for free, are the unedited first editions of these novels, however I will be the first to admit that they are as rough as coal compared to their diamond counterparts, available to buy… well eventually. I’ll update this part eventually. Right now everything is a first draft and everything is free. So rejoice!
Dark Sentences has an affiliation with Kozzi Images, meaning that all media content, unless personal or traditionally made, was taken and used from This includes banners, images, book covers, and more. They are a fantastic, affordable stock photography site, with a wide range of Kozzi-exclusive images that I make use of frequently.

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